Hurricane Dorian Relief

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Both animals and people living in the Bahamian areas devastated by Hurricane Dorian are in desperate need of basic necessities and if you’re anything like us, you’re wondering how to best help. Sol Relief, a St. Pete-based nonprofit organization, focuses on the long term recovery of nearby islands in the event of natural disasters and has generously stepped up in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. 

Sol Relief, along with their partner NPOs, are still stocking up on donations for volunteer pilots to transport to the Bahamas. Since the group is 100% volunteer based, all monetary and material donations go right to the victims of Dorian. Pet food and supplies, along with everything else on their donation list, can be brought to Albert Whitted Airport in downtown St. Pete. Additionally, local businessman John Auer has offered to match donations from individuals dollar for dollar up to $500,000 for the next two weeks. All monetary donations can be made by clicking here.