We're Growing!

Cat Adoptions and Administration are located at The Cat Box, 3015 46th Ave. N, St. Petersburg FL 33714. Dog adoptions, MEOW Now, foster, intake, and donation drop off are located at 2911 47th Ave. N, St. Petersburg FL 33714.

Pinellas Cats Alive!

MEOW Now self-trapping intake (formerly Pinellas Cats Alive) has closed July 11 due to a surgery staffing shortage. If you have already trapped a cat for intake today, you can take the cat in the trap to Pinellas County Animal Services. Thank you for understanding!

Pinellas Cats Alive and MEOW Now are coming together for community cats!

To streamline all of our community cat programs, we’re combining them all under one program name. The name “Pinellas Cats Alive” is going away and will now be called Self Trapping. Everything else will remain the same: Sunday-Thursday intakes, trap rentals, and 2 cats per person limit. Information about both assisted trapping and self trapping can now be found on the MEOW Now program page!

Why are we combining these programs?

When we launched Pinellas Cats Alive in 2021, we wanted to supplement the community with another option for TNVR – a service where the public could bring cats in for spay/neuter and vaccination services. At this time, MEOW Now had already been operating independently as assisted TNVR for several years.

In 2022, MEOW Now joined our programs here at Friends of Strays. To streamline our services for community cats and to honor all the work MEOW Now did independently and now as a program of Friends of Strays, we’ve decided to move our community cat programs under the MEOW Now name!