Adopt a Pet

Feline the Love Adoption Special: Thursday, June 20 through Sunday, June 23, ALL cat and kitten fees will be reduced by $25; ALL dog and puppy fees will be reduced by $50.

Friends of Stays will be closed Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, June 25.

Search For A Companion For Life

Our pets are available on a first-come basis. If you see someone you are interested in, come on in and see them.

For dogs only: If you are looking to adopt a dog and already have a dog at home, please bring them with you to the shelter.

Adopting a dog or cat from Friends of Strays is a wonderful experience! All pets must be adopted in person, so please come by our shelter at 2911 47th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33714. We are open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to assist you in finding your new best friend. At Friends of Strays we encourage you to look at all of our companion animals available for adoption. Adopters are invited to our shelter to work with one of our Adoption Counselors to find the best match. While you may have your mind set on one of the animals in our database, we encourage all adopters to keep an open mind when they visit the shelter. Many people find that an animal picks them!

All our adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. Our adoption fees vary depending on species and age. As a non-profit organization, all adoption fees go right back to the animals! Feel free to contact our Adoption Center at (727) 522-6566 ext 102 with any questions.

View Adoptable cats and Kittens

View Adoptable dogs and puppies

If a pet you are interested in is located in foster, please fill out our adoption application so we can set up a meet and greet! You can also fill out an adoption application for a pet located at the shelter so you can save time from doing paperwork at the shelter, however we will only contact you in regards to your application if the pet you are interested in is located in foster. 

Preparing for your Visit to our Shelter

  • Talk with all of the members of your family to ensure that you are all in agreement on adding a new family member. We encourage the entire family to come to the shelter to help choose your new companion animal.
  • View our adoptable dogs and cats

Adoption Requirements

Friends of Strays reserves the right to deny any adoption that we see as unsuitable for the animal and/or adopter. It is important to the entire Friends of Strays staff that all animals in our care find the right home. We will not adopt cats to families who intend to declaw or allow their cats to be indoor/outdoor cats as both of these situations negatively affect the health and well-being of the animal. See our position statement on declawing. We will not adopt dogs to families who intend to ear crop, tail dock, implement debarking techniques, or have the dog live outside. 

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt from Friends of Strays.
  • We require a government-issued photo ID.

Bringing Home Your New Family Member

All dogs must go home with an approved leash and collar; all cats must go home in an approved carrier. You may bring these items in with you, or we have them available for purchase at the time of adoption. We only accept credit card or cash payments for the adoption.

With as many as 100 companion animals temporarily residing at our shelter at any given time, Friends of Strays strives to provide the utmost love and care for every animal that comes through our doors. Our adoption fees include a wellness exam, vaccines, spay/neuter surgery and a microchip. 

Every adopted animal will go home with a recent medical history, information on a microchip already registered to the adopter, and a sample bag of food.

Adoption Fees


Kittens (Under 1 Year): $75
Perfect Pair Kittens (Under 1 Year): $100
Cats (1-7 Years Old): $50
Perfect Pair Cats (1-7 Years Old): $50
Senior Cats (7+ Years Old): $25
FeLV Cats and Kittens (Under 1 Year): Fee Waived
Bonded cats: varies by age


Small Dogs and Puppies (under 7 Years Old)$300
Medium to Large Puppies (under 1 year): $200
Adult Medium to Large Dogs (1-7 Years Old): $150
Seniors - all sizes (7+ Years Old): $100
Bonded dogs: vary by size

Make An Appointment With Your Veterinarian

Most of the animals we take in have unknown histories. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the health of any animal adopted from Friends of Strays. Our staff and medical team provide the best possible care and treatment to each animal during their time with Friends of Strays, but their stay is limited and there is a chance that an existing parasite or virus may not become apparent until after they are in their new home.

We suggest making an appointment with your veterinarian for a wellness check within two weeks after adoption. You may also want to inquire about discounts for pets that were adopted from rescue groups.