Kitten Heroes

About the Kitten Heroes Program (KHP)

The Kitten Heroes Program is a partnership between Friends of Strays Animal Shelter and the caregivers of community cats, working together to keep underage kittens out of our crowded shelters and rescues. Instead, we help empower caregivers to adopt kittens into loving homes after completion of spay/neuter surgeries and vaccines!

Here’s how you can be a hero for our cats and kittens:

So You’ve Found Some Kittens! Here’s What You Do:

  • Visit our Don’t Kit-Nap Kittens page for advice on kitten care!
  • House and care for the kittens, and mom if she is around, until their spay/neuter procedures have been completed and homes have been found.
    • Kittens are ready for spay/neuter once they weigh 2 lbs, which generally occurs around 8 weeks of age. We will work with you to schedule these surgeries with us.
  • Find homes for the kittens through your social network of friends, family, coworkers, etc. Do not surrender these kittens to a shelter or rescue!
    • This program is intended to ease the burden on shelters and rescues, and we ask you as caregivers to seek adoptive homes for kittens through word-of-mouth or other social networks.
    • Wait to place the kittens into adoptive homes until they have been spayed/neutered.
  • Make all reasonable efforts to bring and/or trap the mother cat and any other unneutered cats in your area for spay/neuter. Visit our Community Cats page for more information on how to trap a cat.

What We Do:

  • Provide spay/neuter, vaccination, and deworming services for FREE for the kittens and their mom, once the kittens weigh 2 lbs.
  • Loan out traps and necessary supplies (food, litter, etc) for FREE to catch cats and house kittens safely.
  • If photos and flyers are provided to us, we are happy to share information about the kittens on our Facebook page and help connect you to anyone who reaches out through our page about adopting.

Why Do We Do This?

  • Underage (under 8 weeks old) kittens are at extremely high risk at crowded shelters and rescues where disease can spread quickly and affect these vulnerable babies heavily and sometimes fatally.
  • Our local public animal shelters and our local rescues do an incredible job at saving lives, but they need our help. We at Friends of Strays need your help! There is simply not enough room to house, treat, and adopt out all of the kittens in need. When we have no more space, we have to turn kittens away. When other shelters have no more space, kittens are at risk of euthanasia. Supporting caregivers who participate in this program means fewer cats outside and more spayed/neutered.

How Is It Different From Our Community Cats (TNVR) Program?

  • Kittens in this program are not ear-tipped, because you are agreeing to place them in indoor homes. They are not to be released outdoors.
  • Kittens in this program are not required to come in traps. Caregivers may bring the kittens in a secure, soft-sided or hard-sided carrier in good condition, and multiple kittens may be transported in one carrier.
  • Mama cats in this program may also come in carriers if they are friendly. If mama is not friendly and must be returned outdoors, then she must come in a humane, live trap, and she will receive an ear tip.
  • Kittens will be age-appropriately vaccinated. This means they may not receive a Rabies vaccination if they are aged under 12-weeks-old. The adopters of these kittens should establish care with a veterinarian to complete the vaccination series.
  • Kittens up to 4 months of age are eligible for this program.

How Is It Different From Our Keep The Mom Program?

  • Both programs offer free spay/neuter, vaccination, and deworming services to mom and kittens, once the kittens reach 2 lbs.
  • As part of the Kitten Heroes program, you as the caregiver will take the mama cat and kittens home after spay/neuter surgery, where you will find them loving, indoor homes.
  • As a Kitten Hero, you help to relieve the burden on our shelter, which can become overcrowded with kittens, especially during the busy summer months.

CLICK HERE TO Sign Up to be a Kitten Hero!

Thank you for being a hero for our community kittens! A Friends of Strays staff member will be in touch shortly after your application is submitted.

To find out more about the program, contact Dr. Katie Emerson, DVM by emailing [email protected], or by calling 727-522-6566 ext 101.

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