Full Time Foster Coordinator

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Foster Coordinator is responsible for using Friends of Strays policies and procedures to find temporary appropriate homes for our animals in need of foster. Foster Coordinators  are also responsible for handling all front desk/reception needs, aiding the public on adoption related concerns, basic animal behavior, resources for surrender, pet owner reunification, and community support programs. Position is not limited to the front desk or foster duties but assist with all shelter needs this includes Medical/Clinic, Intake, Adoptions and Animal Care.  

Works directly with animal care and medical to ensure proper placement of foster animals. Works closely with the medical team. Reports directly to the Shelter Director.


                • Recruits and trains foster care volunteers 

                • Coordinates movement of shelter animals into foster care 

                • Works directly with the Medical Team to monitor health and behavior of animals in foster   

                • Assists the public in making appropriate adoption matches

                • Intake animals 

                • Provide Finders and Surrendering Owners with the appropriate forms and contracts

                • Enter new pets into Pet Point as directed. 

                • Document personality traits of animals

                • Other functions or duties 

                • Work as a team with FOS staff and volunteers

                • Assist in training of new staff and volunteers 

                • Support FOS at special events when requested 

                • Participate in Staff meetings and training sessions

                • Attend trainings, view webinars or read animal related literature to ensure current or relevant knowledge and                       trends in animal welfare

Skill Requirements  

                • High School Diploma or equivalent 

                • Previous foster care coordinator experience or equivalent work experience desirable

                • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in customer service or a counseling environment

                • Animal Handling experience 

                • Proven ability to handle multiple tasks in a busy workplace environment. 

                • Ability to understand and effectively teach humane animal care and treatment

                • Clean driving records with a valid driver’s license.  

                • Requires working alone or with minimal supervision, must be self-motivated

                • Patience and tact when working with difficult, emotional or angry people


                • Formal animal handling training 

                • Experience with Animal Management Software 

                • Experience with dog and cat playgroups. 

                • Knowledge of appropriate training methods. 

                • Knowledge of breed specific characteristics for dogs and cats. 

To apply, email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. No phone calls or walk-ins please.


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