Kimber %281%29

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Estimated DOB: 07/18/2015
Shepherd Mix

Say hello to Kimber! Kimber’s previous family said she's the perfect dog -- house trained, loves to snuggle, great with other dogs, and overall very well behaved. However, when she's left alone she gets nervous, her anxiety takes over, and she becomes quite the escape artist. In her previous home, Kimber broke her way out of two crates and through two doors. That's why we asked our supporters to help us raise money for an Impact Dog Crate. 

Impact Dog Crates are renowned high anxiety crates, specifically engineered for escape-artist dogs who have successfully outsmarted plastic and wire kennels. They're not cheap, but the Friends of Strays family stepped up in a big way so Kimber has one of her very own to take home with her, whenever her family comes to adopt her. It will ensure her safety when home alone and keep all of her family's possessions in one piece. We just know that Kimber will make her new family very happy, she's too special not to!


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